I visited Ron Saiki of Harvest Ranch Market and Jonathan’s yesterday.  Let me tell you something- I always knew Ron had an amazing palate and that he and I were kindred spirits in the wine geek department- but I had never been inside his Del Mar Harvest Ranch wine department before yesterday.  I was completly impressed!  As you can see in the photo above, Ron has curated MULTIPLE bottles of an entire vertical of Chateau Musar from 1994-2000!  This famous Lebanese winery is notoriously hard to find, and often very expensive.  Pricing here is competetive (reasonable even!).  On Ron’s advice I picked up the ’97 and ’98 (more on these when I open them…)

Harvest Ranch Market in La Jolla. Try not to get lost in there!

Other rare and awesome finds included multiple labels from Terlano (one of my all-time favorite wineries), as well as the Tolaini Valdisanti AND Tolaini’s very rare label, Picconero.

Tolaini Valdisanti- This wine really speaks for itself. Try it!
Tolaini Picconero- rare and fantastico!

Thanks Ron, for a wonderful tour of your store and for the Musar… I can’t wait to open them up and see what’s inside!