Wine Geek Hangout: Lotus of Siam, Las Vegas

Before you ask yourself if you really need to take my advice and try Lotus of Siam, ask yourself this: When is the last time you had lunch at a Thai restaurant with a 67 page wine list?  This unsuspecting local wine geek hangout is off the strip, hiding in an oddly deserted strip mall.  Aren’t all the best places?

Lotus of Siam is known for the highly extensive Riesling selection, so we selected something gorgeous from Germany- the 2010 Donnhoff Kreuznacher Krotenpfuhl Riesling Kabinett.  I don’t know much about German wines in general, but I love them with spicy food.  There was a generous amount of acid and sweet/salty fruit in this wine, which complimented the spicy, rich, complicated flavors of the dishes we ordered.  All around a stellar example of how completely devastating it is that a lot of Americans still associate Riesling with the notoriously sticky sweet Blue Nun, and avoid this stuff altogether.  Criminal!

My advice to Germans newbies (I include myself in this category), is to find an importer or two you can trust, and start exploring their portfolios.  This little gem is a Terry Theise Estate Selection (score one) imported by Michael Skurnik (score two!).  Put these names on your list of importers to follow blindly.  You won’t be disappointed.  Michael Skurnik and Terry Theise.  Trust me- they won’t steer you wrong!  Not convinced?  Just read the description of this Riesling from the website: “Soy, honey mushrooms, leaf smoke, stock and prosciutto; warmer, deeper-voiced; this one really laughs boisterously, but is also nobody’s fool.”  Come on- you know you’re going to love the wines imported by people who can write about them like this!

Gorgeously fried Thai shrimp, the perfect crispy, saltiness for German Riesling.