What could be better than wine, food, and a charity event sponsoring a local hospital?

With Jim Griffin, Super Wine Salesguy Extraordinaire!

I was lucky enough to be invited to the 2011 Evening of Wine & Roses  event last night, benefiting the Glendale Memorial Hospital.  This event brings benefactors from the community together in an effort to raise much-needed funding for the Glendale Memorial Hospital.  Last year they raised more than $300,000!  This year it was a spectacular event, filled with local restaurants and wine reps sampling their wares.

Herbie Monterrosa pours some of his delicious vino for an attendee.

The wineries and wine reps (such as myself) were organized and directed by Rachelle and Tom of Left Coast Wine Bar.  This is not an easy task- these people dedicated countless hours of thought and preparation to make the event a success.  I was impressed with the quality of wines being poured, and I know this speaks volumes about their wine bar as well.  I just love the fact that they are so dedicated to their community.  After all, isn’t this what wine is all about?  Bringing people together and celebrating the good life?

Doesn’t this look like a great place to hang out and drink some vino? 

Thanks Rachelle and Tom!  You have done a wonderful service for the Glendale Memorial Hospital and for your neighborhood.  Cheers!

Rachelle Ryan and Tom Fulton of Left Coast Wine Bar, & Henry Wine Group’s Jim Griffin

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