Wine & Spirits Top 100 Tasting with Cantina Terlano

Last night I represented Cantina Terlano at the Wine & Spirits Top 100 Tasting in San Francisco.  It was a gorgeous night, an elegant event and all around one of the best wine tastings I have attended.  Our table was situated on the patio of the top of the Metreon building- one of the best San Francisco skyline views ever!


The view from Terlano’s Table at the W&S Top 100 Tasting

I love working at these events because they are great opportunities to taste new wines, connect with old friends and network with some new people.  Plus, everyone tends to be in a really great mood (especially those of us who can taste wine in the middle of the day in the name of “work”).

Last night was especially fun because I was pouring some of Italy’s best white wines from Cantina Terlano.  Situated in Alto Adige and famous for their sleek, high-acid, mind-bendingly aromatic white wines, Terlano is always a huge success at an event like this one- what wine geek doesn’t love a balanced, aromatic white wine full of ripe fruit and steely minerality?

I was pouring two selections from Terlano: the 2008 Pinot Bianco “Vorberg” and the 2007 “Nova Domus” (a blend of Pinot Bianco, Chardonnay and Sauvignon).   Aside from being lucky enough to get a spot on the patio with the view (do you see the reflection of the skyline behind me in the glass?), I also happened to be next to the Hog Island Oysters table- major bonus!

These little guys were so sweet and meaty- they really didn’t need any seasoning at all.I received an invaluable shucking tutorial- thanks very much!

Take is from the experts- there’s nothing better with a beautiful raw oyster than a glass of Terlano Pinot Bianco!