Yanni’s Bistro & Cellar, and a little bit of Tuscany to brighten your day.

Yanni’s is one of those places all the locals know about but don’t like to reveal to the out-of-towners. You can’t blame them- they just want to increase their chances of getting a table!  Yanni’s is always bustling, from 11am until after the dinner crowds have finished.

I love this place because the food is among the best in the area, the prices are reasonable and the people who run this place are amazingly kind and hospitable.  In fact, my grandparents and their friends have lunch at Yanni’s about once a month.  Trust me- these are very thorough restaurant reviewers.  The two of them would make S. Irene Verbila and Frank Bruni seem like fuzzy puppies on their harshest day.   In fact, Yanni and my grandparents’ favorite server Alessandra take really good care of everyone.  My grandparents drive farther in order to have lunch here than they will to visit their own grandchildren!

Another reason to visit Yanni’s- he has the Tolaini Valdisanti, a beautiful wine from Toscana, on his (profoundly extensive) wine list.  I am loving this wine right now- bright, ripe fruit and just the perfect amount of earthy Tuscan sunshine to make you think of those idyllic postcards of the Italian countryside.

Yanni’s is definitely worth searching out- you won’t find better Italian/ Mediterranean for for miles.  Just tell them my lovely grandparents, John and Lorraine Bonfiglio sent you!