When I stay in Seattle I like to stay downton near Macrina Bakery.  It’s only logical.  This is my happy place- full of amazing baked goods, soups crafted daily and asome of the best coffee in Seattle (and that’s saying something).  Thanks to an excellent recommendation by a friend, I ordered something I never would have thought to try- a savory biscuit.  And it rocked my world.

Parmesean, Rosemary and Ham.  All running bravely through the most tender, most flaky and moist little confection ever.  The first bite was heaven- crispy crust with the deep, homey flavor or browned cheese giving way to a pork-laden savory bit of fluff, all coaxed into perfection by a hint of rosemary.  Perfectly balanced.  Perfectly indulgent.  I ate the entire thing.

I also love Macrina Bakery because they offer a purely Bolognese treat- the Piadina.  It’s kind of like a quesadilla, but made (traditionally) with a lot of lard, and grilled with some kind of gooey cheese and cured meat between its fluffy folds.  The Macrina version would make your Italian Mamma proud.  Crispy and hot on the outside, warm and gooey within.  This, and cup of their amazing coffee, is just about all you can ask for.